Los Angeles fine art printing studio, Poehlman Press, founder Jalal Poehlman provides a hands-on approach to every printing job. An artist himself, he consults with each customer to understand their aesthetic and uses every tool available to tailor the project to their vision.

Poehlman started off as a painter in the 1990s with a particular interest in incorporating digital prints into his original artwork.

Influenced by Walter Benjamin’s 1936 essay “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”, he was fascinated by the idea that, like photography, art could be reproduced endlessly without degradation. That you could replicate an original work of art so precisely that the reproduction could inspire the same personal experience as the original. He grew excited over the prospect that artwork would become less rarefied and more available to and appreciated by all.

But he faced an obstacle: there were few options for outputting images at the time. The only large format printer in existence, the IRIS, was rare, and high fidelity prints were expensive. He settled on a black and white laser printer to output and tile his images together while in graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University. It worked, though the color always took a hit.

Upon graduating, Poehlman made it his mission to apprentice at a printing studio that would give him access to the “magical” IRIS printer. His path led him to Jack Duganne’s Duganne Ateliers, a studio that is dedicated to the highest quality printing of fine art.

Poehlman spent four years learning IRIS print making — from paper types and handling and ink technology to printing from Photoshop and printer maintenance and repair — and went on to manage the studio. He learned the importance of attention to detail and artwork integrity. He worked with artists such as John Baldessari on his print The Intersection Series: Statue/Bound Person, 2002.


In 2005, he opened Poehlman Press and has since helped hundreds of artists working in mediums such as photography, film, video, painting, sculpture, mixed and new media and canvas printing in Los Angeles.He has also consulted on and produced exacting museum quality art reproductions for the decor market.

Poehlman has printed on just about every possible material and has innovated custom finishing solutions including producing panels and boxes and pouring resin on thousands of pieces for some of the most exclusive hotels and best known casinos in the world.

His clients prefer working with Poehlman Press because of his art-world experience and the personal attention and dedication he brings to each project.

Poehlman’s guiding principle is that it is not enough to proof a print to match color for color, but that each print must also include that extra certain something that will give it a life of its own and draw the viewer in. It is knowing the difference between a good print and a great print, and bringing that quality to every project, that is most rewarding to him.

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