“I feel very lucky to have discovered Poehlman Press.”

The director of Poehlman Press, Jalal, has a more extensive knowledge of the printing process than anyone I have ever met. Furthermore he is patient, easy to work with and prices are always cost effective.

If you want your images to turn out right at an affordable price, I highly recommend working with this highly skilled professional. I feel very lucky to have discovered Poehlman Press, and I will most definitely continue working with this studio in the future.

— Colin Snapp, Artist

“Outstanding quality.”

Jalal printed two of my shows here in Los Angeles. Large 5'x10' digital prints on canvas. The quality was without exception, this was important to me. I had a deadline, was late getting images to him, yet he still got the work done. Jalal is very personable and is genuinely interested in one's project, offering salient insight into the various options with printing.

— Ryan Tomcho, Painter


Some esteemed artists and institutions Jalal and Poehlman Press have printed for include: Venessa Beecroft, Amir Fallah, Robbie Conal, Barbara Rogers, John Baldessari, Julian Hoeber, Kristian Burford, Colin Snapp, Xavier Veihan, Peter Alexander, Zoe Crosher, Vincent Lamouroux, Brian Mann, Dan Merriam, Dwyer Kilcollin, Hannah Collins, Francois Perrin, Dan Merriam, James Starrett, Jennifer Boysen, Judy Stabile, Lauren Bon, Lita Albuquerque, Lucas Reiner, Marilyn Neal, Matt Fishbeck, Nancy Power, Pam Davis Kivelson, Steve Grodey, Ruth Mayer, Samantha Thomas, The Ford Foundation, Blum & Poe Gallery, Buddha Cat Press, Camden Arts Center, Bellagio, Borgata, Caesars Palace, City Center, MGM, Mandalay Bay, Marriott Dubai, Ritz, Deutsches Museum, MOCA, Funny or Die Productions, Pasadena Museum of California, Santa Monica Museum, California Museum of Photography


“Jalal is a master of all aspects of proofing and printing.”

I went to Poehlman Press to proof and print a large black and white image in preparation for exhibition. My file required a lot of manipulation in the proofing process. Fortunately Jalal is a master of all aspects of proofing and printing, as well as having the patience to work with me (a comparative novice) to realize the vision that I had for my piece.

— Kristian Burford, Sculptor

“I will be a client for life.”

I was so lucky to have found Jalal and I have to say I will be a client for life. He comes to printing from an artists perspective and not only stopped everything he was doing to make this happen for me, he also did a BETTER job than the original printer.

— Alexa R., Photographer


“Committed to fine art quality  printing.”

Extremely experienced as a digital fine art printer and as a practicing artist, Jalal Poehlman is committed to fine art quality  printing. Perfect execution of my digital art. Competitively priced for this caliber.

— Ross B., Yelp Reviewer

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