At Poehlman Press, we create archival inkjet prints of all sizes and quantities. Printing substrates include a wide variety of premium photo and matte art papers as well as canvases and specialty materials such as Tyvek, vinyl, and clear film. Most special requests can be accommodated.

Shown here is one our Epson 11880 Printers along with the Epson 70670 Solvent Printer:


Finishing Solutions

Standard finishing solutions include mounting and lamination. Images can be mounted to aluminum, acrylic, Sintra, gatorboard, etc. A variety of laminations can be applied ranging from matte vinyl to super glossy polyester laminates. We can also face-mount images to acrylic as well as offer consultation on many custom alternative finishing techniques to meet your specific esthetic and archival needs.


When processing an image from an original work of art, or from film, a high quality scan is key to producing an exquisite print. There is no equal for scanning original reflective art than our local scanning pioneer David Coons founder of Artscans Studio. There are truly no better scans to be had, and we know from experience that the impressions made from these scans are easy to distinguish from other scanners and scanning houses. We scan transparencies in-house using the oil-mounting technique on a new Epson Perfection 750M scanner, or when necessary outsourcing to an expert Drum Scanner.

Décor Services

We have a long record of developing custom printing and finishing solutions for luxury hotel casinos, corporate collections, and fine restaurants. We pride ourselves on designing stunning creative solutions for reproducing large quantities of exacting art reproductions, inexpensively and on schedule. Some of these solutions include laminated images, resin coating, painted and wood veneer edges, printing on clear acrylic, laser and water jet-cutting, canvas stretching and traditional framing. We love working to solve complex reproduction and presentation problems.